It’s a fun, natural movement that develops strength and endurance, great for all ages (6-16). Skills include but are not limited to: shoulder rolls, ground slaps/presses, safe landings, proper jump techniques, low vaults, ninja style flips, kicks, vaults and rolls. These are an hour and half class.


This is an excellent program for children of all ages and ability.

The class will challenge the participant with jumps, twists, and sequences of interesting trampoline skills. Kids will have the opportunity to work on the trampoline, tumble track and floor.

This is a 1 hour class for boys and girls, running on Wednesday evenings 6:00-7:00

**Requires the Membership Fee of $65 to cover the trampoline use**

Tumbling Class

This class is geared for developing an acrobatic tumbling series which include cartwheels, walkovers, round offs and backhand springs. Athletes will use the tumble track, floor and trampoline to enhance their skill level. This class will also focus on developing flexibility and strength.

This class will be combined with the trampoline class. 

This class is on Wednesday evenings 6:00-7:00.

**Requires the $65 Membership Fee to cover the trampoline use**

“NEW” Skills & Drills Class

Our objective is to provide a fun, safe environment where athletes are encouraged to maximize their potential. Our trained staff will use a variety of drills using the spring floor, tumble track, air floor and trampolines.

This class is for gymnasts, dancers, cheerleaders anyone wanting to learn new skills or improve on the skills they already have.  These classes will work on cartwheels, walkovers, round offs, backhandsprings, ariels etc.

Athletes aged 6+ we will organize this class according to the needs of the athletes, this class will run on Tuesday and Thursdays 5:00-6:00; first class will be an assessment of where the athlete is and what they are wanting to learn. 

Advance Class on Wednesday 7:00-8:00

**Requires the $65 Membership Fee to cover trampoline use**

Boys Class

**Ages 7-10 years**

Boys class for ages 7-10 years of age. 

This class will introduce men’s apparatus (pommel, rings, bars etc).

Boys will be challenged and will learn the basics on each event as well as incorporating trampoline, flexibility and strength training.

Class will run on Mondays 4:00-5:30 

**Requires the $65 Membership Fee to cover trampoline use**


Class not running

This is a structured class for the homeschooling groups, these groups will be divided according to age and skill level with the possibility of earning badges.

This class is ONLY offered in our winter session.

If any homeschooling group would like a class to run please contact the Ashlin office at 780-826-5634.

We need at least 6 kids to run a class. 


Ninja Class is a recreational program currently designed for ages 6-8  years old.  Classes are co-ed and divided by skill level and age level.

In our class, the young ninjas learn flexibility, strength, tumbling, obstacle maneuvers. Our standard 1 hour class is perfect for highly active boys and girls who are looking for a fun recreational activity where they can learn ninja-style movements and techniques; within the confines of a safe and controlled environment.

The four events or areas of practice are: form, obstacles, climbing and power. All four events are chosen to create a well-rounded ninja and to achieve safe excerise, learning and fun in every class.

You can now pay & register online!

Any questions regarding amount, you can get in touch by emailing or call 780-826-5634.