AGES: 9 months to 5 years


Tiny Tumblers:  Babies 9 months to 12 months

Babynastixs is the steppingstones to grow fundamental skills for your baby. From the age of 9 months babies will explore the gymnasium with their parents, in a 45 min class. This class is designed specifically with baby in mind, focusing mainly on sensory processing, the development of gross motor and fine motor skills, setting foundation for coordination and strength development and reinforcing the loving bond between parent and child. The lesson plans combine structure, consistency, and exploration to meet the growing needs of our sweet babies.

Wanders: Babies 12 months to 18 months

From the age of 12 months babies will explore the gymnasium with their parents, in a 45 min class. Toddlers and their parents or guardian work together with a staff member to learn gymnastics skills. In the class we will work on jumping onto raised surface and jumping off, walking on the beam, hanging, and swinging on the bars. A variety of colorful mats are used to facilitate learning skills, colors and counting. Different obstacle circuits are provided which will assist toddlers to explore crawling, climbing, swinging, jumping, rolling, and balancing in different settings.

Parent & Tot: Babies 18 months to 2 years

Enjoy an enthusiastic and fun-filled program designed for boys and girls 18 months to 2 years of age along with their parents or guardians. Complete with songs, circuits, games, and exciting weekly themes. Supervised by our specialty trained coaches and with each child’s parent providing hands on guidance, tots will explore and learn the six fundamental movement patterns used in gymnastics – Static, Landings, Rotations, Swings, Springs and Locomotions. This program also introduces tots to various gymnastics apparatus – vault, bars, beam, and floor. The class focuses on body awareness, for example learning to stand on one foot, balancing or jumping over objects. Children will learn some gymnastics skills, but it is more about learning what their body can do. The class starts with a warm up game and stretch, then the children are taken through different circuits made up of the regular equipment plus some fun things like ladders, tunnels, parachutes, rock walls and ropes.

Kindergym Program 

(Jr. Kindergym – age 3)

(Kindergym – ages 4 – 5)

Junior Kindergym (age 3) was designed to be a transition class between Parent & Tot Class and the Kindergym Class. In this class parents are encouraged to let their child go into the gym on their own and watch from our viewing area. However, if the child is timid and does not want to go into the gym parents can go in for the first couple of weeks. They are encouraged to stand
back and watch even if they are in the gym area and allow the coaches to direct the class. This will help them prepare for the kindergym classes (ages 4-5).

Kindergym (ages 4-5) The focus on this class is Fun, Fitness and Fundamentals. This is the first level of classes in which children go into the gym on their own, without the parents. They are expected to follow instructions from their coach while they are in the gym. Each 60 minute class is guided by our coaches through warmups, circuits, and games. The class focuses on early progressions of basic gymnastics skill, as well as other activities that will enhance their gross motor skills (i.e., climbing over/under things, swinging on ropes, climbing ladders etc.)