Gym Parties

2 hr. Rental Cost:

1-9 kids -$150.00
10-20 kids – $ 200.00

Parties are typically 2 hours unless special arrangements have been made.

Rental Policy: Full payment and bond cheque is due within 24 hours of booking your party to secure your date and time. Past that 24 hour period your party will be held as pending but the date and time is still technically available if someone else needs it.  A $50 cleaning bond deposit is required for every party at time of payment.

$50 cleaning bond deposit

$100 an hour without the upstairs (Floor time only)

Extra time Upstairs: $50 max of 9 kids.

10 Extra Kids: For an additional 10 kids over 20 it is an additional $50.


Cancellations: must be done prior to 1 week before your party date will receive full refund however is subject to a $20 administration fee. Any cancellations after the 1 week mark will receive half deposit back minus the $20 adminstration fee. Any cancellations at the 24 hour mark are non-refundable.


For more information or to book your party please e-mail: or phone 780-826-5634 and leave a message for Coralee Poltorak.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. What does a 2 hour party booking entail?

A 2 hour party booking gives you 1 hour in the gym with a certified coach and 1 hour in our party room.

2. Do parents have to be on the floor with the kids?
If your child is under the age of 4 years we do require an adult on the floor with that child assisting them for the duration of the time in the gym.
3. What if I have more kids coming than I paid for?
Please try to let us know no less than 1 week prior to your party of any changs to numbers as there are different costs associated with different number groupings. This is also very important so that we can ensure we have enough staff to coach your party.
4. What should the participants wear?
Participants should wear something comfortable(shorts, sweatpants, leggings ect., and t-shirts are best). All participants need to remove socks and jewelry prior to entering the gym(any warts should be covered with athletic tape). Please no zippers, belts, buckles, snaps, gum or food/drink in the gym area.
5. When can I arrive?
Parties are booked for 2 hours. The first hour is always in the gym allowing you to o your set up just prior to the kids coming to the party room. We also recommend having your guest arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of your party so they can get their children signed in and ready for their time in the gym.
6. Does my 1 hour in the party room include clean up time?
Yes, parties are booked one after the other. There is a 15 minute window where the next party will need for their set up and to get all of their party supplies into the room. Please be mindful of this and try your best to be out on time.
7. What is provided for the time in the party room?
We provide the party room, tables, and chairs for your 1 hour in the party room. Your will need to provide your own food, cutlery, drinks, cake etc. You are welcome to decorate we just ask that whatever you bring in with you goes out with you so the next party can put up their own decorations. You will have access to our kitchen(sink, fridge and microwave), please make sure you check the fridge and freezer before you leave.
8. Am I required to clean up?
Yes, please ensure that the tables and counters are wiped down, the floors have been swept and the garbage has been taken out for the next party. (Please refer to the cleaning checklist) Stop by the office before leaving to pick up your bond check.

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