Competitive Program

About the Program

Our program caters to all ability levels beginning at local and moving through provincial levels and one day maybe national level. Admission to the program is usually based on the recommendation of the Competitive Head Coach after May tryouts/assessments. However, recommendations to the program can also come from recreational coaches who see potential in a child.

The programs below are designed for those gymnasts who demonstrate exceptional talent in gymnastics as well as other qualities such as age, ability, body type, flexibility, attitude, and determination.


To be considered for eligibility into the Competitive Program, gymnasts must be able to demonstrate a majority of level 4 required skills, the characteristics of being coachable (the willingness to be corrected and to act on that correction) and a commitment to the sport and their own progress.

Gymnasts are not guaranteed to retain their placement on the Competitive team from one year to the next.

Competitive team members are provided with the opportunity to enter competitions as deemed individually appropriate by their coach/es and the head coach.


Ashlin competitive team members are required to purchase a team competition bodysuit, Ashlin jacket and must have black leggings.

The Competitive Program runs from July to June.

Super Girls

* Beginning stages of competitive programming*

(age 4-5)

The focus of this class is Fun, Fitness and Fundamentals. This is the second level of classes in which children go into the gym on their own, without the parents.

They are expected to follow instructions from their coach while they are in the gym. This is a 2-hour class offered twice a week.

Our coaches go through warmups, circuits, and games. The class focuses on early progressions of basic gymnastics skill, as well as other activities that will enhance their gross motor skills (i.e., climbing over/under things, swinging on ropes, climbing ladders etc.)

This class will also begin to touch on the various body positions and shapes that are key elements to all future gymnastics’ skills. Coaches will begin to focus more on fine motor skills in the Super Girls class.

This class is the steppingstone into the competitive program.

Level 1-2

This program will develop the athlete’s strength, flexibility, and body control with focus on preparation and execution of routines for competition.

Level 1-2 gymnasts are generally 6-8 years of age and train 6-9 hours a week, depending on which level they are placed in by the coaches. They are required to purchase a team bodysuit, black pants, and team jacket.

The program runs year around and will include 3 competitions. There will be July and August training.

For more information on this program please speak to our Head Coach, a program handbook is available upon request.

Level 3-5

Level 3-5 focuses on the development of strength, flexibility, endurance, and body control. Gymnasts in this program are generally 8-10 years of age. Gymnasts are monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis to ensure their continuation in the program is beneficial to each individual athlete. Athletes will attend 4 to 5 competitions throughout the year and train year-round.

Level 6-8

Level 6-8 continues developing the athlete’s strength, flexibility, endurance and body control with focus now moving towards the preparation and execution of routines for competition. Competitive athletes are generally 7 to 16 years of age and train 17 to 20 hours a week.