Cangym is geared to participants of different abilities, aged 6 and older.

The Cangym program is based on Gymnastics Canada’s three philosophical pillars for all recreational programs: FUN, FITNESS AND FUNDAMENTALS. 

The Cangym program consist for 12 different colored badges. Each badge contains 20 skills, selected to help the participants move smoothly from one level to the next.

The first four badges(Burgundy, Red, Tan and Bronze) develop the movement patterns that must be mastered to successfully perform all future gymnastics skills, regardless of their level of complexity.  The ‘Skills’ in these four badges are grouped into one of the six gymnastics fundamental movement patterns of Landings, Locomotions, Stationary Positions, Rotations, Springs, and Swings. 


The first 4 badges are an hour class for children ages 6-10, for both boys and girls. A participant may complete a badge during each session Fall, Winter and Spring.

Burgundy: for children 6 years of age.

Red: for children aged 6-7

Tan:  for children aged 7-8

Bronze:  Strength and conditioning are being added, for children aged 9-10

Combined Badge: Burgundy, Red and Tan age 9+ who have never been in gymnastics and need the basics.

Purple: for children 10+ this is an 1.5 hour class offered twice a week. This class is beginning to focus more on the progression and larger skills, needing more strength, stretch and flexibility.

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