Bonnyville Ashlin Gymnastics Club AGM
September 29, 2021 @ 6:30

Please consider joining the Board of Ashlin Gymnastics.  As a non-profit club we need a full and active board to ensure Bonnyville and outlying areas have access to fun recreational gymnastic classes and a vibrant  & growing competitive waiting to represent our community.  We need people willing to help keep our doors open through various Board positions:


The President must attend all meetings held at the club and all committee meetings.  He/She, when present, shall chair all executive and committee meetings.  He/she should keep all meeting(s) in order and pertinent to the issue at hand.  The President may vote when the vote is tied.  The President must work in conjunction with the Head Coach of the gym to ensure that the daily functioning of the gym is being attended to. The President must sign all correspondence as representative of the Club, and provide contact information where necessary and is the main contact for the Club in all matters except with coaching concerns and forwards people onto the appropriate board member for assistance. The President shall work with any other board member that may require additional assistance.  The President works with the Secretary To make sure agendas for meetings are given a week prior to the board meeting; works with the Grant Coordinators to ensure grant submissions are submitted.  The President is the first in line of contact for the Head Coach. 

Vice President

The Vice-President should render valuable aid to the President and be ready to take the President’s place at any time.  He/She fills in for the President at any meetings if the President is unable to attend and will chair said meeting.  The Vice President shall work with any other board member that may require additional assistance. If for some reason the President is unable to fulfill their duties as President the Vice President will take over the position until a suitable candidate can be appointed.  Vice President will preside over any meetings the President is unable to attend.  The Vice President will work with the Fundraising Chair.  

Treasurer Procedures

The Treasurer must keep a detailed record of all sums received and expended and give a complete report at every meeting of the board to be attached to the minutes as well as an oral report to the members of the board.  He/She shall obtain estimates if needed.  Monthly payroll and remittance to Revenue Canada must be rendered before the due date.  He/she must pay all bills, except for those that are already set up direct payment once payment has been approved by the board.  He/She will also prepare the annual return as required by the Societies Act.  He/she must also prepare, in conjunction with the Bingo Chair, the Annual Bingo Audit as required by Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. As well, he/she must also prepare the Casino Audit and the Trip of the Month Audit if these are required.  Oversee and reconcile the petty cash box at the end of every month. 


The Co-Treasurer will assist the Treasurer with all the tasks the Treasurer does throughout the month. The expectation for the co-treasurer is to continue with the position for two years. The first year the co-treasurer will work closely with the Treasurer and learn the role, the second year he/she will take on the role.


The secretary will be responsible for the minutes of the meetings.  He/she assists the President by recounting, by reading the exact working of a motion, and by giving information about unfinished business or action already taken by the meeting. The secretary will keep the minute book for the Club. The secretary shall work with any other board member that may require additional assistance. The secretary will have one week after the board meeting to forward the meeting minutes to Board members. 

Bingo Chair/Co-Chair ( 2 positions)

The Bingo Chair will report on the going on of the Bingos that month to the board members at the regularly scheduled meeting. He/she must attend the annual meetings of Bonnyville Bingo Association and Special meetings as required on behalf of the Club.  The Treasurer/ Bingo Chair are responsible for making sure that the Club pays the membership fee to the Bonnyville Bingo Association.  Bingo Chair will ensure that the Club has at least two bingos per month and is free of bingos during the summer months (July and August) and late December.  The President will provide sign-up sheets for upcoming bingos for registration days and must ensure the schedule with the appropriate personnel for each bingo is posted, at the facility, no later than 3 weeks after a session has started.  Bingo Chair/Co-Chair must contact scheduled workers one week prior to the bingo to remind them of times, dates and to confirm attendance. The Bingo Chair/Co-Chair will give reminder calls one day before said bingo.  They will also, in conjunction with the Treasurer, prepare the Annual Bingo audit as required by AGLC.  The Bingo Chair will be responsible for all bingo correspondence to and from AGLC and will report such correspondence at board meetings.  They will also provide all financial information pertaining to Bingos to the Treasurer for input into the Club’s finances and ensure that the proper bills are paid at each Bingo.  The Bingo Chair/Co-Chair will also make sure the Treasurer knows to cash the bond cheque that was left at registration if the scheduled worker is a “no show”. The Bingo Chair/Co-Chair is also responsible for filling the volunteer spot if there is a “no show” at said bingo.  The Bingo Association will provide the Bingo Chair/Co-Chair with a list of potential fill in’s. The Bingo Chair is to ensure that the new elected board signs the new board members form to be sent to AGLC.  The Bingo Chair/Co-Chair shall work with any other board member that may require additional assistance. 

Administration/Registrar (NOT CURRENTLY BEING USED)

The Administration/Registrar is responsible for all the registration of athletes of the club.  They shall ensure that registrations are advertised in the paper and community events in a timely manner.  They shall also ensure that the proper forms and other supplies are at the registration day and make sure that there are the appropriate volunteers in attendance.  He/she will fill out the proper forms for registration of the Club, Coaches and Athletes with the Alberta Gymnastics Federation.  They will also ensure that the proper information and bond cheques are collected from all parents and/or athletes.


The registrar will keep all registration forms from all sessions in a registration binder/folder for a minimum of 3 years and that binder/folder is properly labeled and sorted. They must also make sure that registration receipts are given out no later than 3 weeks after a session has started. If there are receipts that have not been picked up after week 6 the administration/registrar will ensure that they are mailed to the proper address. The administration/registrar will also ensure that the database of all athletes is up to date and available for other board members to print reports as they need.  The registrar will work with the head coach to make sure the daily functioning of the gym is being attended to and to make any adjustments that are needed regarding session schedules, coaches, etc 

Grants Coordinator (2 positions) 

Working together to identify appropriate grants, gather essential data; write up and submit grants. Track grant proposals and report back to the Board about the progress.  Ensure any requirements for approved grants are met and appropriate or required documentation is completed.

Fundraising Committee (2 positions)

The Fundraising Committee will create a yearly schedule outlining both general gym and competitive fundraising.  The committee will then organize each fundraiser, including promotion, collection of monies and orders, receiving and dispersal of fundraisers. Review all previous year fundraising activity and make recommendations for improvements for new fiscal year.  Develop an annual calendar for the committee’s activities, including critical dates, milestones and required board actions.

Competitive Liaison

The Competitive Liaison will assist Administration with meeting preparation for the competitive team. The Liaison will work directly with the Fundraising Committee to organize the upcoming fundraising for the year. The Competitive Liaison will be in-charge of researching hotels for meets and getting the best rate and blocking off a set of rooms for competitive parents. All hotel information can then be posted on the competitive bulletin board. They will also assist any other board members that may require additional assistance. 


The Inclusive Liason will work with various Board members and community partners to create programming that will ensure the inclusion of all community members. The Liaison will work with the President to indicate physical barriers within the gym that require changing.

Building Maintenance

Looking after the general maintenance of the building, if things come up the President or the Head Coach will contact the volunteer.