Welcome to the Ashlin Gymnastics Club website. We hope you like it and find it easy to move through. If you have any comments or suggestions please send them to ashlingym@yahoo.ca The sport of Gymnastics covers all areas of fitness, cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility, all of which are very important to the health of young people in our community and surrounding areas. Currently, Ashlin provides programming for children ages 18 months and up.




The continued spread of COVID-19 in Canada and around the world is still ongoing the health and safety of our community is our top priority. With this in mind, we have made the difficult decision to cancel all programs at our facility until further notice.

When we can safely resume operations, even if on a gradual or modified basis, we will provide more details.

Thank you for your support and understanding as we all navigate this ever-changing world together.

We look forward to welcoming you back to our facility very soon!

We can be reached by email:  


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January – 1st Prize($200) Terri Murphy;  2nd Prize($100) Kathy Cobler; Trip Winner(Rivera Mayo Mexico): Paulette Fersovitch

February- 1st Prize($200) Rita Kwiatkowski; 2nd Prize($100) Cheryl Badger; Trip Winner(Victoria B.C): Elaine Landstrom

March – 1st Prize($200) Roger Beaunoyer; 2nd Prize($100) Mary Ann Wood; Trip Winner($500 Excursion Voucher): Micheal Doreas

April-   1st Prize($200) Brad Chornohos: 2nd Prize($100) Ivan Peterson; Trip Winner(Huatulco, Mexico) Suzanne Antoniuk.

May     1st Prize($200) Esther Quiamba; 2nd Prize($100) Bernice Zapesocki; Trip Winner(Travel Credit) Jean Lesyk

June-  1st Prize($200) Sam Karasiuk; 2nd Prize($100) Mary Ann Wood; Trip Winner(Las Vegas) Brad Chornohos

July Draw – 1st Prize($200) Sadie Cyrenne, 2nd Prize($100) Trevor John; Trip Winner($500 Hotel Voucher) Christine Bulbeck

August Draw – 1st Prize($200) Mary Ann Wood, 2nd Prize($100) Ryan Onciul; Trip Winner(Dream Cruise Credit) Karen Mackay

September Draw – 1st Prize($200) Maddie Ritter, 2nd Prize($100) Roger Beaunoyer; Trip Winner(Airfare Credit) Shylla Brodyk

October Draw – 1st Prize($200) Rachelle Delorey, 2nd Prize($100) Tim Buchanan; Trip Winner(California) Shirley Highberg

November Draw – 1st Prize($200) Cole Krawice, 2nd Prize($100) Mary Ann Wood; Trip Winner(Mexico) Suzanne Antoniuk

December Draw – 1st Prize($200) David Sall; 2nd Prize($100) Crystal Hoffer; Trip Winner(Maui) Tabitha Mckinnon

Thank you to everyone that supported Ashlin Gymnastics by purchasing the Trip of the Month Tickets.

NEW Registration Waiver Forms 2019-2020 – print out/fill in and bring to your first visit

Parent & Tot Drop-in:  Held  Every Monday  @ 11:00-12:00pm  AND  Thursdays @ 10:30-11:30

Ages: 18 months to 4 years

Cost: $5/per visit

 AGF: $2.50(first visit only)

Waiver Forms must be filled out 

** Due to insurance reasons No children under the age of 18 months will be allowed on the gymnastics floor in slings/carriers, car seats, or unattended in strollers. This policy also applies to children being held in arms by their parents. Alberta Gymnastic Federation has mandated all Gymnastics Clubs of Alberta to abide by this policy. * This policy applies to Drop-in Programs  and Gym Rentals**  December 2014

** Effective July 2018 Trampoline, Tumble Track and Mini Trampolines cannot be used during Drop-in Programming, Gym Rentals.**

**ATTIRE: visitors please have your children wear comfortable clothing to gym. NO jeans, dresses, skirts, items with buttons, buckles, or snaps**

Open Gym Scheduled 2:00 – 3:45 

;Children must be picked up by 4:00

Ages: 6+  ** younger children are welcome to come parents must stay on the floor with their child**

Drop in Fee: $5/visit

AGF: $2.50(first visit only)

Parents must fill out Waiver Forms

NEW Registration Waiver Forms 2019-2020

Early Dismissal Dates:  

January 15 and 29

February 12 and 26

March 11 and 25

April 22 


NEW Registration Waiver Forms 2019-2020

Open Gym will run 11:00am-1:00pm every Saturday unless a gym event is scheduled

ATTIRE: visitors please have your children wear comfortable clothing to gym. NO jeans, dresses, skirts, items with buttons, buckles, or snaps.**


Cost: $5 per/person/visit   *Punch Card: $40 for a 10 visit punch card

AGF: $2.50(insurance fee) this fee is only for the drop-in programming


Recreational Programs

Pre-School Programs

  • Babynastixs/9 mths-12mths or 12mths-17mt
  • Parent & Tot Classes 
  • Kindergym ( ages 3-5 )
  • Into to Gymnastics

Cangym Program

  • Fun, Fitness & Fundamentals
  • Burgundy-Tan(Beginner)
  • Girls & Boys Ages 6-10
  • Bronze-Purple badge

Specialty Programs

  • Boys Class(age 6-9)
  • Skill & Drills (Beginner or Advanced)
  • Ninja Class, Trampoline
  • Boys & Girls Ages 6-15


  • Parent & Tot Mornings
  • Early Dismissal Wednesdays
  • Saturday Open Gym
  • Teen & Adult Drop-in

Junior Olympic Competitive Programs


  • Ages 4-5
  • Mondays & Wednesdays
  • Train 4 hrs/week 

JO Level 1-2

  • Girls aged 6-8
  • Sun, Tues and Thurs.
  • Train 6-9 hrs/week

JO Level 3-5

  • Ages 8-10
  • Sun, Mon, Thurs, Friday
  • Train 10-14 hrs/week

JO Level 6-8

  • Age 7-16
  • Sun, Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri
  • Train 17-20 hrs/week

Schedules & Registration