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Recreational Programming


(Programming for Children 18months to 5 years)


PARENT & TOT : this class is for children ages 18 months to approximately 3 years of age. An adult must accompany the child to class to help them. The class focuses on body awareness, for example learning to stand on one foot, balancing or jump over objects. Children will learn some gymnastic skills but its more about learning what their body can do and of course about having fun. The class starts with a warm up game and stretch, and then the children are taken through different circuits made up of the regular gymnastics equipment plus some fun things like ladders, tunnels, parachuts, rock walls and ropes are added in.  This class runs for 50 mins.


KINDERGYM:  this class is for children 3-5 year olds who are ready to explore the gym without the help of  mom or dad. It is run much the same as the Parent & Tot with the introduction of skills for each apparatus. Children are encouraged to try and do the skills on their own.





The cangym program is made up by the Alberta Gymnastics Federation. If focuses on the six dominant movement patterns -  statics, rotations, landings, locomotions, springs and swings. There is even some trampoline involved! Cangym is for both boys and girls ages 6-17 years of age.


This program is made up of 12 levels:


Burgundy is the first level of the Cangym Program. Children should be 6 years of age unless they have been in our Kindergym program.There is now a focus of skills for each apparatus as well as learning the safe way to fall.


Red is the second badge. This badge focuses on landings and proper body positions, this badge continues to teaches children the safe way to  fall  only this time the height of the apparatus has increased.


Tan here children continue to focus on the skills learned in the first two badges and build on them.


Bronze a wide variety of skills are starting and beginning to look more like gymnastics. Cartwheels, rolls and handstands are introduced. Strength and conditoning are added.


Purple is the fifth level and a big step in the Cangym Program, it is now an hour and half class, here many skills are put together to form routines, strength and conditioning are also included. Children may be on this level 2 or 3 times.


Blue/Blue+ this badge will include skills for the Blue badge as well as the rest of the Cangym badges(turquoise, silver, orange,yellow, green)




Demo Group( Not currently being offered at Ashlin)


This is a new program that is geared toward developing group routines that will be performed throughout the year. We will showcase these routines at the end of each session to the other gymnasts, parents and guests to the gym.


Who it's for: Pre-teen and teen gymnasts, both female and male, with some gymnastics background. It is preferred that your child can already do the basics, eg. cartwheel.


What we will learn: Gymnastics skills on the floor, partner and group stunts, pyramids, cheerleading skills, and routines that include all of the above with some dance.


Goal: To develop enough interest so we can have a group that will run year round and perform in the Provincial Gymfest( a showcase for group performances at the recreational level.)



Competitive Programming


Competitive: teams train anywhere from 6-9 hours a week. The team works very hard spending time of flexibility, conditioning and all 4 events(floor, beam, bars, and vault) each day. Provincial 1 is the first level to compete in. After that they build upon their skills trying to make their routines more complex to move into a higer Provincial Level.


Pre-Competitive: teams train 4-6 hours a week. They are preparing to enter the competitive program by learning all the needed skills and learning how to connect them to form routines. Conditioning and learning how each muscle works to make body shapes is very important.


Recreational and Competitive Programs are 2 separate programs each have their own schedule fees, fundraising and volunteer commitments.


Evening Drop-In (Date and Times TBA)


This year we would like to try something new and offer an evening drop in for teenagers and adults who would like to work on core exercises, this would be excellent for those training for other sports, or maybe you want to earn your badges and go through the Cangym program or maybe your want to work on conditioning and strength training whatever it may be this may be what your are looking for. Ashlin is currently taking names if  this is something that interest you please call the the gym @ 780-826-5634 or e-mail us @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  We would need at least 6 people to be able to offer this weekly.


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Monthly Reminders



We will be CLOSED from Friday Dec. 22 to Monday January 1, 2018 

Office Re-Opens Tuesday January 2, 2018 @ 1:00pm-6:00pm


Monday 10:00-2:30/3:30-5:00 

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Wednesday 4:00-8:00 

Thursday 10:00-3:00/4:00-6:00

Friday 10:00-3:00/4:00-6:00



2018 Trip of the Month Fundraiser 

Tickets will be on Sale until Thursday December 21, 2017

Cost: $100 each 

Tickets can be purchased at Ashlin Gymnastics Club 3904 50th Ave

or call 780-826-5634

Second Early Bird Draw: Friday December 15, 2017 for $1000 CASH

Third Early Bird Draw: Friday December 15, 2017 for One Night Stay at a Local Bed & Breakfast

Winner of the First Early Bird Draw is......Helen Kwiatkowski from Edmonton Alberta!!!



2017 Trip of the Month Tickets

Congratulations to the First Early Bird Winner of $1000 cash..Julie Lussier!!

Congratulations to the Second Early Bird Winner of $1000 cash..Kirk Wilkinson!!

Congratulations to Bob Christians January Winner...Trip for 2 to Las Vegas!!

Congratulations to Jileen Berube our February Winner...Trip for 2 to Hawaii!!

Congratulations to Carmen Piquette our March Winner...Edmonton Hockey or Football Weekend!!

Congratulations to Kyle Walker our April Winner...Alberta Golf Weekend for Two!!

Congratulations to Jileen Berube our May Winner...Trip for 2 to Palm Springs!!

Congratulations to Grace Reicker our June Winner...Caribbean Cruise for 2!!!

Congratulations to Cherly Parenteau our July Winner....Disney Family Vacation for Four!!!!

Congratulations to Lisa Albert our August Winner....West Edmonton Mall Weekend Getaway !!!

Congratulations to Darryl Lowe our September Winner....All-Inclusive Vacation for 2!!

Congratulations to Kelly Fieger our October Winner...European Vacation for Two!!!!

Congratulations to Jacenta Hawco Bjonson our November Winner...Alberta Weekend Trip for 4!!!!

Congratulations to Kyle Walker our December Winner...Via Rail Jasper Weekend for 2!!

Congratulations to all our winners and Thank you to everyone who brought tickets a supported Ashlin Gymnastics!!!



 Parent & Tot Drop-In

Last Parent & Tot Drop-in Thursday Dec. 21

Drop-in will begin Monday January 8, 2018

**Attire: visitors please wear comfortable clothing to gym** NO jeans, dresses, skirts, items with buckles, buttons or snaps**

Mondays @ 11:00-12:00pm

Thursdays @ 10:30-11:30

Ages: 18 months to 4 years

  Cost: $5 

AGF: $2.50(first visit only) Waiver Forms must be filled out

* No children under the age of 18 months will be allowed on the gymnastics floor in slings/carriers, car seats or unattended in strollers. This policy also applies to children being held in arms by their parents. Alberta Gymnastic Federation has mandated all Gymnastics Clubs of Alberta to abide by this policy. 

* This policy applies to Drop-in Programs

* As well as Birthdays


 Early Dismissal Wednesdays

**ATTIRE: visitors please have your children wear comfortable clothing to gym. NO jeans, dresses, skirts, items with buttons, buckles, or snaps**

January 10/24; February 14/28; March 14/28

Open Gym Scheduled 2:00 - 4:00

Children must be picked up by 4:00

Drop in Fee: $5/visit

AGF: $2.50(first visit only)  Parents must fill out Waiver Forms

For Ages: 6 and up


Saturday Open Gym Schedule


ATTIRE: visitors please have your children wear comfortable clothing to gym. NO jeans, dresses, skirts, items with buttons, buckles, or snaps.**

 Last Open Gym December 16

* Time: 10:00am-12:00pm

*Cost: $5 per/person/visit

*Punch Card: $40 for a 10 visit punch card

*AGF: $2.50(insurance fee) ONLY for Drop in Programs  (Waiver forms must be filled out)


 "NEW" Beginning January 13, 2018 OPEN GYM will run EVERY Saturday from 10:00am-12:00pm for the Winter Session






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