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2018 Trip of the Month Fundaiser..ONLY 450 Tickets Sold



Early Bird Draw..


2017 Trip of the Month Fundriaser 

Only 450 Tickets sold


Winner First Early Bird Draw of $1000 Cash Prize: Julie Lussier

*January Winner Bob Christians trip for 2 to Las Vegas

* February Winner Jileen Berebe trip for 2 to Hawaii

 *March Winner Carmen Piquette Edmonton Hockey or Football Weekend

*April Winner Kyle Walker Alberta Golf Weekend

*May Winner Jileen Berebe trip to Palm Springs

*June Winner Grace Reicker Caribbean Cruise

*July Winner Cheryl Parenteau Disney Family Vacation

*August Winner Lisa Albert West Edmonton Mall Weekend

*September Winner Darryl Lowe All-Inclusive for Two 

*October winner Kelly Fieger European Vacation for Two

*November Winner Jacenta Hawco Alberta Weekend for Two

*December Winner Kyle Walker Via Rail Jasper Weekend for Two

Trip of the Month 2016 - only 450 tickets sold


*Eary Bird Draw of $1000 Winner Kristine Darr!

* January Winner Wendy McInnis trip to Cuba!

*February Winner Gayle Tkachuk Ski Getaway to Banff!

*March Winner Laverne Parenteau Mayfield Dinner Theatre!

*April Winner Rick Nedelec Family trip to Disneyland!

*May Winner Dan Iverson for a Football or Hockey Weekend for Two!

*June Winner Brett Peat winner of the 3-Day Victoria Get-away!

* July Winner Phil Lester winner of the One Week Alaskan Cruise!

*August Winner Colin Atkinson winner of the Jasper Weekend for Two!

*September Winner Stacy Sartain winner of the Trip for Two to Las Vegas!

* October Winner Rhonda Lecopoy winner of the 1 Week All-Inclusive Dominican Vacation!

*November Winner Lisa Carmicheal winner of the Golf Getaway for Two!


Bottle Drive - Ashlin's Competitive Teams are doing a bottle drive for the 2015/2016 season, if you have bottles you would like to donate contact the gym @ 780-826-5634 to arrange pick-up or bottles can be dropped off at the Dove Centre


2016 Spring Fundraiser- Hamel's Sausage Orders

* all money raised will go towards Coach Development, Coach Expenses and New Building Fund


* Thank you for participating in our session fundraiser we sold just over $20 thousnad dollars in meat products/gift certificates!!! Our profit is $3500.00!!!


Thank you for supporting our fundraisers!!!!






Our Spring 2015 Fundraiser: we will be selling Hamel's Sausage, smokies, beef jerky, hot dogs

Fundraiser Packages will be sent out at the end of April.


Our winter fundraiser is a cash raffle....tickets will be ready for sale starting February 1, 2015 running until March 2, 2015

Frist Prize: $1500; Second Prize: $1000 and Third Prize: $500

Our goal is to sell 500 ticket books or 5000 tickets

Draw Date: Tuesday March 10, 2015

The Winners are: First Prize: Kayla Smith

                              Second Prize: Pamela Martin

                            Third Prize: Jodie Hebert

Congratulations to our winners!!!! Thank you to everyone who supported our Raffle.

Our Fall Fundraiser Campaign will begin September 30, 2014 once again Ashlin will be selling the Cookie Dough and Cheesecakes.

Thank you in advance for supporting Ashlin Gymnastics Club without your support we would not be able to provide your children with the facility that we have or the outstanding coaching that we have here at Ashlin!!!  Our Profit for this fundraiser was just under $7000.





Welcome Back 2013/2014 Fundraisers


Fall Session 2013 Cookie Dough and Cheesecake Funddraiser- Ashlin members sold almost $25,000 of cookie dough and cheesecakes. Ashlin made $8155 from this fundraiser.


Winter Session 2014 Hamel's Sausage Fundraiser- forms and money are due back Friday February 21, 2014

 Once again a huge THANK YOU to all the Ashlin members for participating in this fundraiser and to everyone that purchased Hamel's Sausage. We sold o$19,475.00 worth of Hamel's food product Ashlin's profit is $7820.00.


Spring Session 2014 Sobey's Cards Fundraiser- forms and money are due back at the gym by Tuesday May 27, 2014

Tentative pick up date is set for Tuesday June 10, 2014. A confirmation e-mail will be sent out closer to the date.


The board of directors and the staff at Ashlin would like to thank everyone over the past 2013-2014 year for your participation and continued support of the club. It is your dedication to our club that allows us to provide a much needed service to all the children of Bonnyville and surrounding areas.  We have had an awesome year and look forward to next year.  Have a great Summer!!!











Spring Session Fundraiser 2013


Once again our Sobey Card Fundraiser was a HUGE success with only 52 families selling we still managed to sell $63,800.00 worth of Sobey Cards!!!! Our portion is $6380.00!!!1

* Money raised from this fundraiser will be going towards Recreation Equipment for the fall 2013.

* Thank you to everyone who participated in our Spring Fundraiser.....Thank you to all our Members for all your hard work and dedication to our Club!!!!!  If you would like to see where the money will be spent stop by the gym during Office Hours check out our Equipment list in the lobby!!!!




Winter Session Fundraiser 2013


For our winter fundraiser we will be selling "Steeped Teas".  Steeped Tea is a proudly owned and operated Candian company, based out of Ontario. Recently featured on Dragon's Den, the husband and wife owners got the enthusiastic support of two Dragons....Jim Treliving and David Chilton!


* Ashlin will earn 20% cash back on total sales (pre- GST and s/h)

* Qualifying customers ( a $50+ order required) can take advantage of the monthly guest special ( 50g of Strawberry Shortcake)

* You may choose to collect all your friends and family orders on 1 form to save each of them from paying the $4.95 s/h fee each. This way there is only 1 shipping charge.

* After order is placed, delivery takes about 2 weeks, Natasha will require 2-3 days to sort everything out.

* We will keep you informed as to when pick up will be.

* Tea & Food  items do not have GST, but the accessories and collections do.


A catalogue and order form will be sent out by the end of January, we will run this campaign until February 25, 2013 when all order forms and money are due back to the gym. If you have any questions regarding this fundraiser you can contact the gym at 780-826-5634 or Natasha George 780-207-7184 (cell) or 780-828-4164 (home) . Below you will find a letter regarding Ashlins fundraising efforts and where the money raised will go towards please take some time to scroll down to read it. Again, thank you for supporting the Club in our efforts to improve our gym for your children.


* If your not sure about a tea stop by the gym Sample are now in*

Fall Session Fundraiser


For the Fall Session we will be doing the Cookie Dough and Cheesecake Fundraiser. The order forms will go out October 1, 2012  all orders need to be returned to the Gym by November 5, 2012. Expected date for pick up is Thursday  November 22, 2012.


 Thank you to everyone who participated in our fall fundraiser it was once again a huge success!!

Cookie Dough and Cheesecake Sales totalled $24, 337.00 Ashlin's portion is $8,155.00 once again AMAZING!


 For our fundraising last year we did very well, raising $15,000. You may look around the gym and wonder what has it gone towards. There is new equipment on the way! I have ordered $5,000 worth from two different companies. The other $10,000 has been put aside for a new floor. Looking at the floor you might not think we need a new one, even walking across it you may think that it is fine, when in reality it is not. The floor is made of 3 layers - the carpet/foam that you see, plywood, and another layer of plywood with foam blocks attached. The foam blocks should be about 5 inches  thick, many of ours are so compacted they are only 2 inches thick! This has created low spots in our floor that are hazardous for all of our gymnasts. The new floor we are planning on buying is also made of 3 layers. The only difference is that instead of the bottom layer having foam blocks, it has actual springs. This will help all of our gymnasts perform skills better. It will also help with ankle and foot pain as the floor will better absorb landings. If you have any further questions about the floor please see Coralea Pavoll for more information.


Thank you for your continued support of our gym!!



Contact Info

Ashlin Gymnastics Club

3904 50 Ave
Box 6863
Bonnyville , Alberta
T9N 2H3
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Monthly Reminders




Monday to Friday 9:00-5:00



Spaces available in all camps




2018 Trip of the Month Fundraiser 

Winner of the July Draw:  Marguerite Friesen

Winner of the June Draw: Gisele Gagne B.C. Vineyards Tour for 2

Winner of the May Draw: Brad Charnchos Fort Edmonton Adventure 

Winner of the April Draw: Patti Skuba Airfare Credit of $1200

Winner of the March Draw: Max Metzner...Trip for 2 to Mazatlan Mexico!!!

 Winner of the February Draw: Lisa Carmicheal....Trip for 2 to Costa Rica!!!!

Winner of the January Draw: Gerald Smith of Cold Lake, AB...Trip for 2 to Toronto

Winner of the Second Early Bird Draw of $1000 Cash....Dayna Gadwa of Elk Point, AB!!!!

Winner of the Third Early Bird Draw of One Night Stay at a Local Bed & Breakfast....Denis Lessard of Bonnyville AB!!!

Winner of the First Early Bird Draw is......Helen Kwiatkowski from Edmonton Alberta!!!


 Next Trip Draw: Tuesday August 7, 2018....Sleep anywhere hotel credit of $700


 Parent & Tot Drop-In



**Attire: visitors please wear comfortable clothing to gym** NO jeans, dresses, skirts, items with buckles, buttons or snaps**

Mondays @ 11:00-12:00pm

Thursdays @ 10:30-11:30

Ages: 18 months to 4 years

  Cost: $5 

AGF: $2.50(first visit only) Waiver Forms must be filled out

* No children under the age of 18 months will be allowed on the gymnastics floor in slings/carriers, car seats or unattended in strollers. This policy also applies to children being held in arms by their parents. Alberta Gymnastic Federation has mandated all Gymnastics Clubs of Alberta to abide by this policy. 

* This policy applies to Drop-in Programs

* As well as Birthdays


 Early Dismissal Wednesdays

**ATTIRE: visitors please have your children wear comfortable clothing to gym. NO jeans, dresses, skirts, items with buttons, buckles, or snaps**

Open Gym Scheduled 2:00 - 4:00

Children must be picked up by 4:00

Drop in Fee: $5/visit

AGF: $2.50(first visit only)  Parents must fill out Waiver Forms

For Ages: 6 and up


Saturday Open Gym Schedule

Open Gym will resume in September 2018


ATTIRE: visitors please have your children wear comfortable clothing to gym. NO jeans, dresses, skirts, items with buttons, buckles, or snaps.**


* Time: 10:00am-12:00pm

*Cost: $5 per/person/visit

*Punch Card: $40 for a 10 visit punch card

*AGF: $2.50(insurance fee) ONLY for Drop in Programs  (Waiver forms must be filled out)







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